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“Siletz Bay Hydrangea”  © Patricia Schmidt

 watercolor on 300# Arches, 20” x 21”

For years I've been photographing hydrangeas and finally came across this moment in time when the sunlight was streaking through this hydrangea with fall colors.  I LOVED the golden glow, the beautiful color, and the rich green shadowed layers of leaves!  I took quite a few shots and then came back to the studio to combine a few photographs for the finished drawing.  Then I started with color studies to plan my color palette and painted full-time for more than a month until it was finally done.  I allowed myself to have fun, enjoy painting the extreme detail I love and not worry about how much time it took but rather finish well.

I just learned that my painting "Siletz Bay Hydrangea" was published in the newly released
Splash Retrospective: 20 Years of Contemporary Watercolor Excellence book!   I am so excited and honored!

The editor of the Splash series, Rachel Rubin Wolf, had these comments about my hydrangea painting:  "
Just a 'pow, right in the kisser', shot of color and light.  The intense blue-violet on the deep greens and mottled yellow knock my socks off every time I look at it.  Lots of secondary details keep you coming back.

Oh, she made my day!  All the many hours I spent painting layers and layers of watercolor to create the variety of shadows to show off the glow of sunlight really paid off!  

Wishing you Happy Painting!